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After years of teaching Hebrew in the Bay Area, I moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains. It was here that I have found the peace, solitude, and the mindset that have allowed me to create. It was also here that I found a mentor that opened the doors to the world of figurative abstract.

Surrounded by redwoods, paint and brush by my side, I have been able to explore colors, shapes, figures and expressions. Starting each piece with no clear plan, I find the beauty in allowing the brush to lead me to unknown, sometimes unexpected, outcomes. Capturing a moment in the lives of my figures, I am often surprised with the changes they undergo throughout the days as I view them from different angles and perspectives.

These figures were born in my heart—it is through them that I strive to share new expressions with you, to awaken the imagination. I open the door for my guests to listen to the paintings and to embrace the spirit of the figures as they come to life.

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